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Indoor Air Quality Studies

Vent-Free Gas Logs
Thirty-five homes were equipped with new vent-free gas logs for a user satisfaction survey. Ten were chosen for an extensive IAQ evaluation of particles, CO, CO2, NO, NO2, moisture, temperature increases and selected air toxics.

California Residential Indoor Air Quality Study 
Approximately 300 homes were randomly selected throughout the state of California using utility customer databases. 48-hour indoor and outdoor concentrations were collected for CO, NO2, benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, radon and methane. Data were also collected for air exchange rates, appliance use patterns and housing characteristics. Several new monitoring methodologies were evaluated. Results were used to assist gas utilities in preventing IAQ problems and in developing exposure models.

Nitrogen Dioxide Residential Indoor Air Quality and Exposure Studies 
A series of studies were conducted over several years for the Southern California Gas Company and the Gas Research Institute. Phase I characterized the indoor NO2 concentrations of 600 homes in Southern California. Passive samplers were deployed in the kitchen, bedroom and outside of each home for three one-week periods. Phase II was a detailed follow-up effort to determine the impact of gas fired wall and floor furnaces in 500 additional homes. Phase III involved personal monitoring for over 600 individuals during a 1-year period. Results were used to evaluate regulatory programs and the role of residential gas appliances on indoor air quality.